These inside-out jeans were being sold for more than $1K

In recent months the fashion world has brought us thong jeans and upside-down jean shorts.

And the season’s wave of denim weirdness continues.

Experimental, Parisian streetwear brand Ben Taverniti Unravel Project is now selling high-end slacks billed as “inside-out effect jeans.”

True to their description, the jeans pretty much resemble ordinary skinnies peeled off at the end of a sweaty day.

One version of the not-so-reversible denim comes with strange lengths of black silk attached at the waistband — almost like stockings adhered by static cling.

The right, front pocket reads, “TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW YOU MUST FIRST DESTROY.”

The collateral damage includes your wallet: The look’s original asking price was a whopping $1,100.

(Evidently, there were few takers for the trainwreck trousers, as retailer Farfetch recently slashed the price by over $700, to a still-ridiculous $348.)

A more subdued style, sans hanging silks, is available for a cool $551.

And if you’re in the market for inside-out, button-fly booty shorts (who isn’t?), these babies can be yours for 445 bucks.

The jean-ius fashion label, beloved by Kendall Jenner and miscellaneous Hadids, has been producing unusual denim creations since 2015.

Case in point: this “belt” made from a denim waistband that actually has loopholes for a second belt, if you’re feeling so bold. The item is currently sold out on Net-A-Porter.

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