These stepmums are just a few years older than their hubby’s kids but can you tell who’s who?

WE’RE all familiar with the idea of a wicked stepmother but these stepmums are less wicked than they are young.

TikTok users are sharing the surprisingly small age gaps they have with their dad’s new wives – with some being just a year apart.

And unsurprisingly viewers are having trouble telling the difference between these stepmums and daughters – but how will you fair?

Here we reveal the stepmums and daughters who share the same youthful looks as well as last names – but can you tell who’s who?

Iyah & Celine

US-based Iyah has racked up half a million followers thanks to their unusual age gap love. 

She got engaged to Rafal, 43, in 2019 and the pair plan to marry soon with the blessing of his 20-year-old daughter Celine who Iyah counts as a “best friend.”

Celine spoke of the first time she met Iyah and said: “I was pretty shy, I was pretty nervous. You were prettier than I expected.”

Krystle & Julianna

With just a ten year age gap between them Krystle, 29, and Julianna, 18, from New York are often mistaken for sisters by their TikTok followers.

Krystle used to nanny for her husband’s kids before the pair fell in love and remarried, making her stepmum to his children.

Julianna and Krystle have since become something of a TikTok sensation sharing duets under the #stepmom, with many viewers mistaking them for twins.

Becky & Bree

Becky, 32, describes herself as a bonus mum-of-two after marrying her fiddle-playing husband, 46, who was already dad to two children.

His daughter Bree is just 11 years younger than Becky, and they could easily be mistaken for sisters as their TikTok videos prove.

One viewer even said: “Seriously thought Bree was the older one!”


Camille, 25, is often described as "too perfect" by her 755,000 followers on TikTok.

The businesswoman from Utah has recently announced her own pregnancy but is also stepmum to her husband's two younger kids.

However, so youthful looking is Camille that she is often mistaken for her husband's daughter.


The 28-year-old model relocated from Hawaii to Germany where she met her now husband.

The glamorous mum, who has just welcomed a baby of her own, became stepmum to his stepdaughter born in 2004.

While Lulzzfox keeps her stepdaughter and husband’s names private she can often be seen jamming to TikTok dances with her 17-year-old stepdaughter and the pair appear to have a close relationship.

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