‘They’ve moved on’ – Harry & Meghan’s style changed after leaving UK

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a hot topic of conversation right now, and a fashion expert has analysed how their style has evolved since the couple moved to the USA at the beginning of 2020. According to Claire Heathcote, the CEO and co-founder of luxury cashmere brand, Loop Cashmere, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s style have changed in four key ways.

A fashion expert has analysed how two years of independence and leaving the UK have elevated Meghan and Harry’s personal style.

In January 2020, Harry and Meghan announced they intended to be financially independent of the Royal Family.

Almost two years later, having also moved to the USA, it’s not surprising that both of them look a little different.

Luxury fashion expert at Loop Cashmere, Claire Heathcote, has analysed how Harry and Meghan’s style has evolved over the past two years and what this may say about their decision.

1. Happy to blend in

Ms Heathcote said: “It’s well known that the Queen wore single colours when dressing for public engagements so that people could easily spot her. This seemed to be the approach Meghan took when part of the royals, choosing block colour dresses or tonal outfits in similar shades.

“Since the announcement, Meghan seems to be more comfortable with blending in rather than forcing herself into view. Very glamorous occasions might see her in bold reds but more dressed-down events call for classic jeans and a cream blazer.

“Evenings out have meant stunning black jumpsuits that whilst elegant, don’t scream ‘I’m here’.

“Meghan appears to be very comfortable wearing what feels good rather than what makes her stand out.”

2. No more bodycon dresses

Ms Heathcote continued: “Meghan could often be seen in form-fitting bodycon dresses that suggested she was very much in professional mode when with the royals.

“Nowadays, Meghan seems to love classic separates or staple jumpsuits.

“She can be found in cosy jumpers and raincoats or chic chambray shirts.

“This love of smart but simple separates and the girl next door style is a welcome change from the stiff dresses of 2019.”

3. Regal vs relaxed

Ms Heathcote suggested: “As part of the Royal Family, both Harry and Meghan were expected to play specific roles. This could be seen in their outfit choices, which were often formal and sometimes stiff.

“Harry would often be seen in a suit with a tie, and Meghan in structured midi dresses and skirts. Since embracing their financial freedom, both Meghan and Harry have started dressing in much more relaxed outfits.

“Harry is often seen with his top button undone, even in a suit, and chooses simple shirts, chinos and zip-up sweaters for his days off.

“You’ll now find Meghan in flowing wrap dresses, relaxed shorts or an oversized white suit. Gone are the days of matching dresses and coats, and three-piece suits.”

4. All American

Finally, Ms Heathcote noted: “The move to America and making their own money has seen Harry and Meghan embrace a more preppy style, and show off a natural glow.

“Meghan’s hair is often seen flowing loosely in gentle waves and Prince Harry’s new book shows him sporting a much cleaner, all-American visage.

“Alongside this, both of them are often seen looking relaxed and smiling.

“This suggests that they’ve moved on from royal life and a British stiff upper lip to an easygoing American way of life and more laughter, which is always in style.”

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