This artsy optical illusion reveals a lot about your personality based on what you see – are you empathetic or logical?

THIS artsy brainteaser will tell you a lot about your personality, and it's all in the first thing you see when you look at the image.

Just a quick glance at this drawing can tell you whether you're primarily logical or empathetic.

Some people look at this picture and see a tree, while others immediately identify two people's faces.

YouTube channel Bright Side explained exactly what that means about you…

If you see a tree

Spotting a tree when you first glance at the picture means that you are tuned into the feelings of those around you.

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The expert said: "If the first thing you saw was a tree, you tend to pay too much attention to details, but you're great at feeling the mood of other people."

"It makes you a tactful and empathetic person."

If you saw a couple

Seeing two people's faces looking at each other means that you're likely to focus more on logic.

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The expert said: "If you spotted a couple facing each other you're logical, calm and rational.

"You know how to reason with people even when they're upset or nervous."

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