This clever OXO cube trick will ensure you never get messy making gravy again

Nope, we didn't think so. But it turns out we're missing a trick.

Like us, we imagine you normally rip and unwrap the foil and use your fingers to crumble it into the pan or jug.

But apparently, the packaging of an OXO cube is actually especially designed to enable you to add the stock to your cooking mess-free.

If you open up the folded flaps on the side, it turns into a sort of flat-packed sachet, enabling you to crumble the cube while it's still inside.

Once you've done that, you can then open the foil and pour it straight into your dish.

We know, how did we not think of this?!

The genius trick was brought to the world's attention by a mum on social media.

Kasie Riley posted a photo on the Facebook community page Mums Advice way back in 2016, with the caption: "I feel like my whole life’s been a lie. All those crumbly messes I could have avoided."

The post went viral at the time, but a whole new crowd of people have just made the handy discovery.

However, some chefs claim to prefer the messy way and pointed out that the late Lynda Bellingham, who was the face of OXO for years, had always used her fingers in the ads.

Social media users couldn’t agree on whether it was Lynda’s fault that most people were sprinkling "the wrong way" or if the actress’ style was right.

We're certainly going to give this pouch theory a go for today's Sunday roast…

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