This is why arguing with your brother and sister makes you cleverer and more sociable

A study has found that squabbling with your brothers or sisters can boost your mental development and enhance your maturity.

Researchers from University of Cambridge's Centre for Family Research found that benefits also included emotional development and better social skills.

And even more of a silver lining for parents is that they shouldn’t worry if arguments get worse as kids grow up.

The five-year-long study found that youngsters can benefit from tiffs, as long as they increase their verbal sophistication and learn to resolve their differences without one child constantly submitting.

Dr Claire Hughes explained to the Guardian: “The more the children upset each other, the more they learn about regulating their emotions and how they can affect the emotions of others.

“The more combative siblings are, and the more they argue and the older child puts the younger one down, the more they are learning complex lessons about communication and the subtleties of language.”

The research project looked into the cognitive and social development of kids between two and six and looked at the pros and cons of sibling rivalry.

Dr Clare added: “Of course, if sibling rivalry gets out of hand, it can be very negative. Persistent violence is a strong predictor that the aggressive child will bully their peers.

"I don't want to be the woman who says it's good if your children hate each other, but parents might take some sort of comfort, when their children are fighting, in the discovery that they are learning valuable social skills and intelligence which they will take outside the home, and apply to other children."

The more the children upset each other, the more they learn about regulating their emotions and how they can affect the emotions of others.

Psychologist Jo Hemming told the Sun Online her views on the study, and said: "Not sure many parents, stuck in the middle of constant arguments and disputes between their kids would agree with this!

"I’m not sure I do either. To a degree it does increase ‘verbal sophistication’ but not in an especially articulate way and perhaps the only other positive is that it does show the emotional effect their behaviour has on their siblings and that’s important in developing empathy and learning to control their anger.

So what do you think? Did your fights help you in life?

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