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STUBBORN weeds can be killed permanently – and you'll have the three ingredients you need to tackle them in your kitchen cupboard.

Gardening can be a peaceful experience but tackling weeds that never die can feel like an impossible task.

However, there are three household ingredients which can keep weeds at bay – and they are all natural.

As reported in the Express, Summit Turf Services revealed the key is to kill them at the root, but you don't always have to use harsh chemicals.

The specialists said: "Other natural options include using everyday household items, proven as effective herbicides.

"For example, gardeners have employed salt and vinegar, both readily available and inexpensive, to battle weeds successfully.

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"Together, these household items create a potent mixture to eliminate weeds to ensure they won’t come back."

Vinegar, salt and dish soap have also been used by gardeners for years, with one gallon of white vinegar, one cup of salt and one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap.

"Vinegar and salt will dry out weeds and grass, whereas the dish soap helps the vinegar and salt to cling to the leaves rather than absorbing the mixture," they added.

"If utilised correctly, they can be an effective herbicide as the weeds will dry up and die in a few hours," they continued.

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Bleach is another everyday household item that should get the job done by increading the pH of the soil.

The alkaline pH will prevent new weeds sprouting, according to the garden gurus.

It is important to tackle weeds as they often steal nurients from other non-invasive plants.

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And the more they grow the harder they are to destroy at the root, which is why it is vital to target them early.

These natural remedies could also protect your pets from any harsh solutions found in chemical weed killers and have far less environmental impact.

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