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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the worst three floors you could ever put in your home. 

Claiming one floor colour will make everything in your house look dead, the designer said you should avoid them at all costs. 

Taking to TikTok, interior designer Bilal Rehman shared his no-go list in a dramatic video online.

He said: “The three worst floors I would never put in my home.”

If you thought grey flooring couldn't get enough of a bashing Bilal is sure to prove you wrong. 

He said: “I didn't think I'd ever have to talk about this one again but obviously some of y'all are not getting it. No grey hardwood floors!” 


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The interior designer claims grey flooring is a sure way to make your home look like death. 

He said: “They suck the life out of every space and make everything around them look dead – it looks like sh*t . Avoid them at all costs."

Next the interior designer revealed the very dangerous reason why you should never get shaggy carpets. 

He said: “No shaggy carpets – shaggy carpets are nasty as f*ck they hold all the dust and all the bacteria in the world.” 

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But not only that, the carpets can easily  hide sharp objects. 

Bilal asked: “And honestly do you know how many times I’ve stepped on something sharp in a thick carpet? Do you know how painful that is?”


He protested: “Avoid shaggy carpets at all costs – low pile is the only way to go.”

Lastly the interior designer said he can’t stand wood tile flooring. 

He argued: “They’re expensive and trust me nobody is fooled. I understand the low maintenance of tile and the demand for tile but if you're going for a tile… go for a tile.”

Bilal said he loved tiles and wood on their own but believed mixing them up was horrendous. 

“Tile is beautiful, you do not need something that looks like this [wood like tile] if you want this then do this.”

Bilal’s video racked up over 544,000 views. 

Despite the designer's insistent warning it seems many people didn't want to give up wood tile or grey flooring. 

One user said: “Wood tile is awesome though lol.”

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“I luv grey floors sorry not sorry,” another said. 

A third viewer said: “Ugh I was about to get a shaggy carpet.”

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