Three women who love outdoor sex say they do it because they have better orgasms, can make more noise and love the thrill of getting caught

THE thought of having sex outside where anyone can see you fills most of us with dread – but for some kinky Brits it's a massive turn on.

This week a randy couple were caught on camera having sex outside a Magaluf nightclub at 7am, as elderly residents and holidaymakers walked past them.

The mystery pair are thought to have stumbled out of a bar before performing a string of sex acts on each other.

But they are not alone. A recent study claims 43 per cent of Brits have had sex in public at some point in their lives – despite it being illegal.

Sun Online asked three readers who having love sex outside what it is about it that turns them on…

'We were having sex on a boat when it capsized – but sex outside makes me feel like a goddess'

PA Marina Marginovza, 38, is a single mum of one, and lives in West London

She says: "I moved away from home to go to university when I was 19. I ended up going out with a guy in the same social group as me.

We’d often skip lessons to have sex. But we usually confined ourselves to his bedroom or mine. Back then I was a sex addict.

I was crazy for it – in those days it was definitely more about the quantity rather than the quality of sex.

I wasn't going with loads of different guys just with him. Luckily he could keep up with me.

One day he said he had a surprise for me. He didn’t have a car and so we took two buses to a secret location.

By the time we were on the second one I had worked out we were going to the river – our local tourist beauty spot. It was spring and the start of the boating season so we hired a rowing boat.

I knew that one thing would lead to another. It was a sunny day and we were both in the mood.

I was happy to let him seduce me, so when the boat was in a secluded part of the river we decided to have sex.

It was really uncomfortable. I’m 6’ 1” and he was even taller. We were both wearing trousers and in the heat of the moment I removed mine completely.

Then my knickers came off too and one thing let to another.

Then, suddenly, with the back and forth rocking movement, the boat capsized and we fell into the river.

I’m sure all anyone on each side of the river bank could see was my bum as I tried to clamber back into the boat.

I was wet from head to toe. While my trousers and knickers were dry I still had to go home with a wet freezing cold top on.

I wouldn't do it in a boat again. It was too cramped and too small! It didn't put me off though.

Since then I've done a few times outside. I've been able to straddle on top while I was in a park with another boyfriend.

You do get horny in the sunshine – why not! Being on top meant I could take it slow and steady. Even in a park no one really notice – you feel really powerful-like a goddess!"

'I orgasm better outside and love the risk of getting caught'

Supermarket assistant Emily Edwards, 40, is single and lives in Loughborough.

She says: "I love sex outdoors. It's so freeing not being cramped and inhibited in a bed.

I felt a bit wild if I'm honest. There is something primal about it. You can make a lot of noise and that is freeing.

There is a very real risk of getting caught too. But for me it adds a frisson to the act. I definitely orgasmed loads easier outside.

There is a sense of urgency you just don't get when you do it indoors.

I grew up in a very Catholic family. It was only when I got to uni I was able to let myself be free and sexually independent.

It was frowned upon to have male students in halls so we had to be inventive. Most of the time it worked out.

We would often sneak off to have sex by the local lake. Most students knew there was an area where you could get frisky and do the deed uninterrupted.

The beach was warm and sandy. If I closed my eyes it was very romantic and cancelled out the fact we were bonking on the coastline of the North sea.

Once we got so carried away I thought I had lost my pants – we spent the best part of an hour looking for them.

Emily says she orgasms better outside

'Sex on a car bonnet is the hottest thing I've ever done'

Rebecca Lowrie, 52, lives in North London

She says: "When I moved away from home I felt empowered by my body.

"Suddenly sex was something I could do whenever I wanted. It was nothing wild by today’s standards – but back then for me it was.

One guy I dated at university stands out in my mind. He loved to have sex in places and situations where he – meaning we – might get caught.

We did it in loads of public places. Once he even found an empty bedroom at a house party – but rather than shutting the door so we could have some privacy he made sure the door was open so that if anyone did walk past they could see us doing the deed.

But I was only 18 and you don't question things too much then. If I'm honest there was a frisson and sense of danger around it, too.

Another time we were parked up in a car park near to a motorway. We weren’t on display but the thrill for him was that it was possible that people driving, who looked towards our car at the right moment, might get a glimpse of us mid-sex.

One evening he had driven me home and we had to park behind a block of flats.

It was raining heavily and there was no one outside in the parking area so we decided to have sex. If someone had looked out of their window they would have easily spotted us.

We were both fully clothed and it was dark and we were dripping wet by the end of it but we did go at it. I don’t think anyone saw.

In the heat of the moment I didn’t even think about getting caught. In truth it was one of the hottest things I've done in my life!"

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