Toe-curling website WikiFeet ranks celebrity tootsies on their sexiness…with Megan Fox coming out on top

Peculiar website, WikiFeet, has ranked more than 300,000 pairs of celebrity tootsies based on sexiness, with actress Megan Fox coming out on top.

The encyclopaedic selection of feet was created by Eli Ozer, a former programmer and animator who left his job to dedicate his time to the website.

It attracts over 3.2million views each year and features thousands of A-list feet – including the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Mila Kunis.

The website – which is is no way affiliated with Wikipedia – is free to join, and members are able to upload images of celeb trotters.

But Ozer explains he only allows women's feet on his site, as men's are "ugly".

"I have a long to-do list with features that will someday be added, including discussion boards and private messaging."

The celebs are ranked after members award their feet between one and five stars.

Actress Megan Fox currently has the most popular tootsies, followed by Emma Watson, Kylie Minogue and Selena Gomez.

WikiFeet only allows images of women aged over 17 who are listed on IMDb.

"We do not allow uploading adult content of any kind, uploading such content will get you banned," reads the website.

Which celeb feet are your favourite?

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