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IT doesn’t matter whether you live in a rented place, a home with a mortgage, or a council property, you want where you’re living to feel like a home, right? 

TikTok user ‘abitofme123’ has 28.1k followers and 1.4million likes on the social media platform and regularly takes to the app to show off her stunning council home renovation videos. 

Along with MDF on the wall to look like panelling and a chic wire ceiling light, there are stylish black sofas and cream accessories everywhere.

The bedrooms are beautifully done and with the cost-of-living crisis putting a huge strain on many people’s finances, this mum has managed to transform her home, whilst keeping to a strict budget.

But now, the woman has revealed that trolls make cruel presumptions about those living in council houses, but she is here to set the record straight.

Not only this, but this social media user has shown off her stunning Christmas decorations – that always make the trolls think twice.

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She recently posted a clip with the caption ‘Common misconceptions can be quite funny because people actually believe them’.

The common misconceptions about council houses, according to this social media user, are: “They only accept unemployed people.

“We get them for free.

“The council repairs everything for free.

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“We have sofas in our garden.

“We never clean our house”.

But this woman has proved the trolls wrong by showing off her fabulous home and not only has she made it look fabulous, but she has recently put up some beautiful Christmas decorations too.

She showed off her jaw-dropping seven foot tree, complete with Christmas present decorations and a lovely silver star, with many TikTok users left in amazement. 

One person said: “What a beautiful tree”.

Another added: “That’s gorgeous!”

A third commented: “You’ve got a beautiful home”. 

Not only this, but this woman has gone all out decorating the front of her home too.

She said: “When someone says the outside of council houses all look the same”, but just seconds later she showed off her fabulous Christmas door display.

Around her front door she has put up a fabulous festive arch, complete with bows, baubles, reindeers and more.

She’s also put down a festive door mat and a piece of mistletoe as well as two Christmas bells on her front door.

But that’s not all – there’s also a reindeer waiting at the door to greet guests too. 

Her home looks fabulous and is certain to put anyone in the festive spirit.

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Previously, the social media user uploaded a video replying to a comment that read ‘Why would you even do up a council house, it’s just burning money’.

The mother said: “When you move into a council house, there’s no paint on the walls, there’s nothing on the floor, it’s an empty shell, it’s not newly decorated like some private rentals, you don’t get nice plastic walls.

“You don’t get rooms like this without spending money and that is not burning money.

“What if I never get a mortgage? What if this house is where I’m going to be for years to come?

“If I said I was never going to spend money on decorating this house, then we’d be living in an empty shell for the rest of my life.

“That’s not burning money, it’s using your money wisely.

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“I had to spend money on this house, as you can see, this was the wall in my living room, I had to spend money to do it up nicely, that’s not burning money, that’s making this house my home and regardless of what some people think, that’s what I’m going to do.

“I don’t have any regrets”. 

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