Truly awful baby name has the internet ‘cry laughing’ & people think it’s the worst they've ever seen | The Sun

PLENTY of baby names take their inspiration from the animal kingdom: Leo, Wren, Wolf, Kitty, and Sable are all great examples.

One social media user spotted a bizarre baby name in the wild and immediately posted it online, where it left commenters rolling with laughter.

A Reddit user first shared the non-traditional name in the forum NameNerdCirclejerk, where commenters debate, compliment, and criticize the best and worst baby names from around the web.

The original poster shared a photo snapped at a local kids' play place, where a party room was set up for a child's celebration.

In chalk paint on the party room window, bright bubble letters spelled "Happy Birthday, Ratleen!"

Commenters were quick to seize on the bizarre, rodent-inspired name – and speculate about its origins.


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One person said that the parents probably wanted to name their child after the main character in the film Ratatouille, but "too many people are already naming their kids Remy!”

“Well, we’ll have to improvise,” they wrote, imagining the conversation that lead to the name.

Others were certain the name was a horrible misspelling.

"I refuse to believe that and have decided that it was an illiterate person with a lisp spelling Kathleen," a Reddit user wrote.

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Pet owners chimed in to say the name was actually pretty cute – but not for a human child.

"I'd name a girl rat this for sure," one person wrote. "She could have a brother named Ratthew."

"And her sister, Demice," a different commenter responded.

The gags left one reader in hysterics. "I am cry-laughing over this," they said.

"Ratleen, Ratleen, Ratleen Ratleeeeeeeeeen," one person wrote, parodying Dolly Parton's famous song, Jolene. "I'm begging of you please don't steal my rats."

A grossed-out commenter said the name was too close to "rat spleen" for comfort.

They said they wished they could ask the parents what they were thinking. "I just wanna talk, I have questions," they wrote.

As the shock and confusion reverberated through the subreddit, one commenter summed up the general reaction in the forum.

"This is one of the worst names I've ever seen on here, and that's saying something," they declared. "What the f***."

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