It turns out dogs don’t like being patted on the head.. here's why

Well according to a canine expert, they might not like it at all.

Sarah Bartlett, who runs The Hound Helpers Ltd told The Mirror that dogs find the gesture 'threatening', and not loving as we'd assume.

When we see an adorable dog, it's instinct to go in and pat their head but the pooch does not appreciate it.

Sarah, a qualified international training instructor said: "Dogs don't like you going over their head. It's quite a threatening gesture for them, as is going straight forward into them"

She recommends not invading the canine's 'bubble', and instead taking a different, less-threatening approach.

If you approach the dog from the side, and offer your hand, before lightly scratching their chin or ear area, this will be a lot better received.

Of course, if you're familiar with the dog and they trust you then stroking their head won't be seen as intrusive but when greeting new dogs you should take Sarah's approach.

Stroking their chest, tummy or neck is a preferable way to pet dogs who don't know you well.

Sarah added that this rule isn't universal, but that it's a simple rule to follow if you're wanting to pet others people's dogs.

That way, you're less likely to get your hand bitten.

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