Twitter Thinks Jared Leto’s Met Gala Outfit Made Him Look Like This Disney Character

This year’s gala proved to be one of the most creative ones thus far when it came to the red carpet, but there’s one look in particular that has Twitter buzzing. Jared Leto’s 2018 Met Gala outfit is getting more attention than most, and for a super nostalgic reason.

This year’s Met exhibit is entitled "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," and it explores how fashion and Christianity have been influenced by each other over the centuries. Seeing how the Vatican had joined in to help curate the exhibit, people wondered how tame — or daring — the red carpet would be.

It turned out to be a very well-thought out and sensitive red carpet, where not too many celebs toed the line with symbolism or artifacts. It was really interesting to see all the different interpretations people had of Christian art, and to see the different layers that the theme had achieved. Some people like Blake Lively took a Renaissance turn and showed up looking like reigning Catholic queens, and some like Selena Gomez chose to go a more angelic route with airy chiffon dresses. Some celebs like Solange took a more dark interpretation, contrasting black nun robes with latex. And then some channeled the devil himself, where Nicki Minaj showed up in a fiery red dress with a sweeping train.

But Leto’s outfit really stuck out to some viewers because of the striking similarities it had with a nostalgic character from our childhoods.

While it’s true that Leto had a more elaborate stole than the fur one that the Prince wore, you have to admit that the similarities are pretty spot-on. It almost makes you wonder if he had the character pinned to his mood board when piecing together his look.

It definitely gives you a kick of nostalgia. But jokes aside, whether you loved or hated Leto’s look, you have to give the actor props for playing with the theme and going all-in with his interpretation. Not many of the male attendants experiment with their looks each year thanks to the restricting silhouettes of their suits, so to see him commit to an experimental look is amazing.

This year’s Met Gala red carpet definitely had a lot of creative and thoughtful outfits to enjoy.

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