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HOW much is too much when applying your beauty products?

It was reported this week that Florence Pugh wore four coats of the £29 Suqqu mascara to the Paris premiere of Little Women.

That might sound excessive but expert Dominic Skinner says the key is finding the right balance – and 24-year-old Florence certainly achieved that.

Dominic says: “Overloading your lashes can result in flaking but not putting on enough can weigh down the tips and make lashes droop.”

To help suss your beauty servings, Shannon Lawlor speaks to the experts to reveal just how much product you really need.


WHEN it comes to washing your tresses, it’s easy to assume that more is more, but it’s not always the case.

Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador at Headmasters, suggests a large teaspoon of shampoo for fine hair and for long, thick locks, double up the dose. But that’s not to say that one rinse is sufficient.

He said: “I’d always suggest a double cleanse.”


THE amount you apply can seriously affect the perfect base – and how it sits on the skin.

To make sure you’re not under or over doing it, Dominic Skinner from MAC, recommends first gauging how much coverage you want.

He says: “As a starter, begin with a 5p-sized blob for a light coverage, 20p for medium coverage and £1 for full coverage.”

Eye cream

IF your eye area is drier than usual resist the urge to slather on more eye cream.

Skincare expert, Jane Scrivner says: “Eye creams are easy to over- apply so stick to a pea-sized amount.

"The delicate skin around the eye can only absorb so much product.”

Pop cream on to the back of your hand and use your ring finger to lightly tap it around the eye.

SPF cream

THIS is the one product you need to get right – with studies showing people apply less than half the amount required to provide the protection stated on the packaging.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Catherine Borysiewicz recommends one heaped teaspoon for face and ears, one heaped tablespoon per limb and two heaped tablespoons for the rest.

Fake tan

THERE is no simple formula but St Tropez expert Michaella Bolder says: “I recommend four pumps to the first arm and three to the second as the mitt will have a base layer already.

“Two for the chest and shoulders and three for the torso.

"For the legs, do four for the first and three for the second.

"Finish up by using excess on your feet, hands and face.”


GETTING your moisturiser dosage just right is imperative if you want to keep your skin in check.

Time Bomb skincare expert Emma Brown says: “Put roughly a 20p-sized amount on the top of your hand and use the two middle fingers of your other hand to spread the product evenly over the face and neck.

"Avoid dispensing between the palms of your hands.”

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