‘Uncomfortable’ Mum bans her 19-year-old daughter from sharing a bed with her boyfriend, 23, when he stays at her home

The Mumsnet user admitted she had installed the ban on her 19-year-old and her 23-year-old other half because she felt "uncomfortable".

In a post on the site, the woman, using the handle 'Amumoftwo', asked for advice on whether she was being "old-fashioned" for not letting them stay together.

She wrote: "My dd is 19 and and has a 23 yr old bf, they’ve been together for months. We like him. Recently dd asked if he could stay over in her room.

"DH and I were uncomfortable with this (would never been allowed when we were their age) so said no.

"DD was very upset and thinks we are BU – are we?"

Her question sparked hundreds of replies and triggered passionate debate.

While some users agreed with her approach – pointing out that she pays the bills – others suggested she was overreacting since both are adults.

One wrote: "She’s an adult, way over the age of consent. She may live in your house, but she’s not a child.
"As long as you can’t hear them going at it like a pair of rabbits, I don’t really see a problem with the boyfriend staying over."

Another commented: "Your house so your rules. However, she is an adult in a long term relationship. Therefore I don't think it is an unreasonable request."

A third shared: "She is an adult in a relationship. It's her home. Where do you think she will end up doing it?? In a car like I did when faced with a similar situation. Is that really what you want?"

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Meanwhile, one user revealed an embarrassing warning her mum used to give her when she did let her boyfriend stay over as a teen.

She admitted: "Same gap between me and my now husband too. He used to stay over, in my room from when I was 17ish (he was 21). My mum used to say “I’d better not hear any banging headboards”.

It is unclear whether the torn mum would be changing her mind on the rule.

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