Venus Williams Is a Huge Fan of Full-Body Skincare Treatments: 'The Butt Peels So Nicely'

When she's not winning matches on the tennis court, Venus Williams loves to try all the latest beauty treatments, and her new obsession left her skin glowing everywhere.

"Last year I did a wonderful whole-body peel. When I was done, my skin looked unreal. It took about three days for everything to just peel off," Williams, 40, said in the cover story for NewBeauty's Winter 2021 issue. "My dermatologist in New York has incredible peels for the face and body, and the hands and feet peel so beautifully. And honestly, the butt peels so nicely, too. I love a good treatment."

The tennis superstar has experimented with plenty of other in-office beauty treatments and found her favorites.

"I'm all about prevention. I love Laser Genesis or anything that's going to help build collagen. I honestly like to keep it simpler and do something like a Laser Genesis treatment, some red light therapy, constant exfoliation and chemical peels. Nothing too crazy, but those sorts of things really turn over your skin and make it look beautiful. And if you keep it up and can continue your routine at home, you'll be amazed at how well it works," she told NewBeauty.

While she's also tried "more intense treatments for prevention and correction" like Ultherapy (non-invasive skin-tightening and lifting) and Thermage (radiofrequency contouring), the star decided they weren't right for her.

"They're both a little too painful for me, but they're definitely two gold standards for anti-aging," Williams said.

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The star also opened up about turning 40 last June, which she admitted wasn't as big of a deal as people make it seem. "I'm really fine with it. I'm really fortunate to have really good genes, honestly. I think a lot of times it comes down to that and how you take care of yourself," Williams said.

"I was very naughty not wearing sunscreen for pretty much the first 35 years of my life, so I just hope it never catches up with me! That's all I can say," she added.

In Aug. 2020, Williams told PEOPLE that she's been using the extra time at home during quarantine to "prioritize my personal self-care and learn more about what my body needs from me."

"Throughout quarantine, I kept the mentality that tournaments could return at any point so I wanted to be in the best shape and as prepared as I could possibly be," she explained. When it was finally time to get back on the court, starting with the Top Seed Open, she was "ready to go."

Williams said: "It was nice to spend some quality time at home during months that are typically very busy for me, but I still took the time to really focus on my training and continue moving."

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