Vodka Pimms is now available… and it’s the perfect thing for a bank holiday heatwave

Turns out, there is… and it comes in the form of Vodka Pimm’s.

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Just in time for the hottest bank holiday on record, the latest addition to the Pimm’s range is set to be all the rage as Britain makes the most of the gloriously sunny three-day weekend.

Infused with herbs and spices, Pimm’s Number 6 is a vodka-based take on the classic summertime drink.

Here's a pub quiz- style fact for you – this is technically a relaunch for Pimm's Number 6 after it was discontinued in the 1960's.

Who knew?

In true Pimm’s style, this alcoholic spirit is best mixed with lemonade for a sweet and refreshing option.

An assortment of fresh summer fruits is a surefire way to liven up this Summery beverage – because what is a glass of Pimm’s if you’re not fishing out soggy cucumber from the bottom of your glass?

For diehard Pimm’s fans the brand suggest you enjoy the vodka’s fragrant flavour by combining with standard tonic water.


At £22.99 a bottle, it is a fraction more expensive than your average bottle of Pimm's but it is made of stronger stuff – namely, vodka.

With a fresh rebrand and a new generation of Pimm’s lovers in tow, celebrate the vodka's return to shelves this bank holiday weekend . One glass at a time.

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