Want to go swimming when you’re on? We’ve picked the best period proof swimming costumes

And there's nothing worse than starting your period just before you are about to go on holiday.

But now Modibodi Swim has launched the first ever first-ever period-proof swimwear – a black bikini and costume.

It claims to be 100 percent leak proof and includes a gusset which absorbs fluid from the body and locks it into the inner layer.

There are other layers which lock fluids in too.

Speaking to Huff Post Australia, Kristy Chong, Modibodi founder, said: "Having launched a line of fashionable, hi-tech underwear successfully into the market, our customers started to ask us for a solution for swimming as one in two young girls will not swim on her period for fear of a leak."

She added: "So we did some category research and it became very clear the swimwear industry lacked innovation and there were no other swimsuit brands on the market that could provide protection fused with fashion, so we decided to change that."

However, the swimwear isn't cheap. The bikini costs £72.50 while the costume is just shy of £100 at £98.50.

  • Modibodi swimwear, Modibodi, £72.50-£98.50 – buy now

If you don't want to shell out that much, here are some other gorgeous costumes available.

  • Striped swimsuit, £39.99, Mango – Buy now 

  • Textured swimsuit, £25.99, Zara – Buy now 

  • Off-the-shoulder swimsuit, £24.99, H&M – Buy now

  • Cut-out swimsuit, £29.99, H&M – Buy now 

  • Red swimsuit, £28, Topshop – Buy now 

  • Floral swimsuit, £28, Topshop – Buy now

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