We test products that will help you make the most of your workouts plus we try out nail kits

Today we look at other ways you can rev up your workout, plus we test nail kits.



Push Truly Wireless earbuds, £99.99, skullcandy.co.uk

I struggle to run without tunes and a new study has shown it’s not all in my head.

Music listeners can run nearly a minute longer than those who don’t. Decent earphones are the key.

These have great sound quality and a 12-hour battery life, and you can adjust volume, songs and answer or end calls using the buds.

Plus they’ve got special tech to stop them dropping out.


Voltwater, £1 per bottle, voltwater.co.uk

Two cups of coffee a day can encourage weight loss by speeding up your metabolism.

And if you drink caffeine before exercise, it can boost performance by six per cent.

Voltwater is spring water with added caffeine.

Readers can get a ten per cent discount by using code YOU10 at checkout.


Domyos soft foam roller, £12.99, decathlon.co.uk

Warming up by “foam rolling” – a self-massage technique in which you roll your body over a foam cylinder – cuts muscle fatigue and boosts performance, according to a University of Stirling study.


Elegant Touch, Girls on Tour, £9.95, boots.com

Get glam nails at home that last up to ten days.

The stick-on-nails are easy enough to apply and come with 24 nails in various sizes as well as glue.

I matched the sizes up to my nail beds, glued, pressed et voila!

They didn’t look natural on my nail bed, but they are a good budget option.


Bio sculpture gel, £38, new-churchhouse.co.uk

I hate it when gels promise that nails won’t get ruined and they do.

But this vegan gel is formulated to prevent damage.

The technician took 20 minutes to apply it and I loved it, as it was slightly thicker than other gels and lasted nearly three weeks without chipping.

The best bit – my nails felt as strong after they were removed as before.

SensatioNAIL, Strip Gel deluxe starter kit, £59.99, sensationail.co.uk

A full at-home kit, including an innovative base coat which takes away the need for acetone and other soak-off methods when you want to remove your gel manicure.

I was amazed at how easily colour peels off, leaving no breakage to the surface of the nail at all.

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