We transformed a box truck into our dream home on a budget – it's TINY but we love it | The Sun

A COUPLE who decided to ditch traditional living and move in to a box truck revealed how they made it happen.

Courtney and Sawyer told Tiny House Giant Journey that they decided to buy and transform the box truck so they could travel and live together.

They found the truck on a second-hand site for £2,888, they then spent a further £8,000 renovating and decorating, "it was a very affordable deal," Sawyer explained.

Courtney added: "We were balling on a budget, so needed to find the cheapest vehicle possible that was in good shape."

The couple took their time renovating the truck, which they've named Elfie, in a bid to save more money and wait for the perfect materials that wouldn't break the bank.

Luckily, Sawyer already was working as a carpenter so was able to do the bulk of the work himself.

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Although the truck is only tiny, the couple managed to squeeze everything they could ever need inside.

Courtney said: "We were really drawn to an open floor plan, which is why we have both windows mirroring each other.

"We want it to feel like we have a lot of room for activities and to just hang out without feeling so squished."

The bathroom has everything the need, including a walk-in shower and composting toilet, which they purposely built next to the front door so any smells can quickly escape.

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Surprisingly, the duo managed to fit in a full sized oven and have plenty of counter space for cooking.

The living room is also used as a closet space, an office and a bedroom, it's a tight squeeze but Courtney and Sawyer made it work with some clever design tricks.

Their bed is stored on a hand-crank system, so they can lower it down when they want to go to sleep, or just lower it half way if one of them wanted to sit on the sofa.

Sawyer said: "We went for a queen sized bed because we knew we wanted to be able to have distance from each other when we're sleeping somewhere hot."

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