We tried to assemble a high-end sex doll… and it did NOT go well

WITH dramatic technological advances, sex dolls have featured heavily in the news in recent months.

The Sun's Summer Sex Survey found that more than one in ten men and women would romp with a robot – and a similar number would use a remote-control sex toy.

These high-tech love machines now offer their owners new levels of intimacy – responding to questions, remembering their birthday and even orgasming during “sessions”.

Intrigued by the kinky phenomenon, we decided it was time to investigate why people love the saucy sex bots, so hired our own bonking Barbie.

Officially named Kayla, the silicone doll came from a company named EX Lite and the makers describe their creations as “more than adult sex toys – they are works of art”. Sounds fancy.

She isn’t quite as high-tech as her all-singing, all-dancing robot rivals, but the sex doll’s flexible limbs and luscious locks make her an upgrade from the inflatable variety spotted at stag dos in most town centres on a Saturday night.

First things first, she needed to be taken out of her cardboard box packaging and assembled, like a kinky bit of Ikea flat-pack furniture.

Two girls and two guys from Sun HQ were recruited for the specialist building challenge and both set about the task with apprehensive enthusiasm.

As the ladies slid the various parts from the packaging, both recoiled in horror at Kayla's nether regions – before noting that she “isn’t a Hollywood fan”.

Meanwhile the fellas, Andrew and Sam – who had no idea what they were unpacking – awkwardly remarked that there was “a lot going on here”, before opting to grab Kayla’s breasts to remove her from her case.

Soon after, they decapitated her.

Both slotted on her arms and legs, with the girls also inspecting Kayla's mouth – concluding it was "not usable".

Both pairs attempted to dress the doll too… but it went just about as well as the unboxing.

It seems the guys just aren't used to squeezing into a leotard, and the girls were equally as clueless…

The results of our summer sex survey

Ex Lite dolls can be purchased from Cloud Climax for £799 including shipping.

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