I Wear These $38 Pants Everywhere — They Look So Expensive and Come in 4 Colors!

It’s no secret that wearing denim isn’t always the most comfortable choice, especially when you’re sitting for long periods of time. In the last few years, I finally started to ditch my jeans for cute and comfy trousers. I’m officially never going back. My closet is filled with sleek work slacks and soft track pants; but there’s one pair I always turn to: my favorite Topshop Slim Kick Flare Trousers ($38).

I discovered these on my annual window shopping tour of Nordstrom and couldn’t say no to the superaffordable price. I bought them in black and they literally go with everything I own. I wear them with sneakers and booties to work, and most recently I wore them on a night out with heels to a club. Whether I’m styling with tube tops or button-down blouses, they go with it all. My favorite part: the cropped flare, which add a little extra something to what could be a totally plain pair.

After receiving a ton of compliments, I went back for more and got the cool maroon shade. I can’t imagine living without them. Spruce up your wardrobe and trade in those dreaded tight skinny jeans for these sleek trousers.

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