Wedding guest slammed after he was spotted watching a FOOTBALL match during the first dance

A WEDDING guest has been slammed online after he was spotted catching up on the football during the couple’s first dance.

Taking to Reddit, user D5R shared a video which sees the male attendee watching a Minnesota Vikings vs San Fran 49ers American Football match while the bride and groom take to the dance floor.

In the clip his presumed partner can be seen glowering at him as he refuses to pay a blind bit of notice to the happy couple.

Captioning the video, the Redditor wrote: “There's no such thing as wrong place and time.”

Fellow users were quick to criticise the cheeky guest, with many dubbing him “tacky.”

One wrote: “That's disgusting. What kind of person can't just show a little respect to what is probably the couple's greatest biggest moment so far? Literally a once in a lifetime thing for them.”

Agreeing a second added: “Relationships and friendships are two way streets, if you're not willing to make compromises or small sacrifices like missing a football game for a friend, why be friends at all?”

“Watching in the middle of the first dance is pretty tacky” commented a third.

However, several football fans were quick to come forward in defence of the guest.

One said: “You can’t expect the world to stop for your wedding. Sorry. If my beloved team was in the playoffs, you better believe I’m watching.”

“Weddings during football season are the worst” said another.

The video was shared on the subreddit r/weddingshaming.

The group has almost 80,000 members and is described as a "place to shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding party, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors… you name it, we shame it!"

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