Wedding themed bouncy castles are now a thing… and we can't wait to jump our way to holy matrimony

If you don't make a song and dance about your big day by riding in on a camel with confetti canons, a marching band and ball pit disco, then have you really got married at all?

Well now, courtesy of A Wedding Wonderland, you can take your big day up a notch by hiring a wedding-themed bouncy castle.

The inflatable houses come in bridal white and have a beautiful white curtain to make them look wedding-ready.

You can pick from a number of designs for the bouncy castle with a range of flowers, adornments and linings available.

But if you want one for your do, you better act fast – the company is reportedly inundated with enquiries. Prices are available on request.

But weddings aren't always a dream come true. This woman was left in £2k of debt after attending 20 weddings in four years.

While this bride treated her 450 wedding guests to McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Plus with the royal wedding coming, up, this is the colour scheme Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen.

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