Weekly horoscope for December 5 – 11: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

There’s something about you everyone adores but no one can put into words – as love planet Venus turbo-boosts your passion profile. You’ll feel the difference on every love level.

If you’re single, this includes giving a clumsy Capricorn a second chance. The way you calculate your cash chart is Uranus-inspired, ideas may be unusual but yes, they can work just brilliantly.

DESTINY DAYS Wednesday is your day to wake up to a “J” workmate who shares your ambitions. A fast home choice or change can happen on Friday. Stay in touch with family on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS A doorbell that plays a movie tune. Footsteps were painted on
the ground. An exhibition of local art or sculpture.

RUNE REVELATIONS Get ready to transform a family or couple’s future,
as your rune INGWAZ suggests a new balanced atmosphere of forgiveness
and understanding. You’re entering a time when inner emotional truth can overcome any external obstacles.

So yes, you can and should lead on any reconciliation moves, because right now even the most fixed of attitudes can become more flexible. This can also be a rune of successful relationships crossing generations – and warm bonds forming
between people who at first sight, or sound, seem total opposites.


APR 21 – MAY 21

The Mars part of you fires up this week to stake a claim on more equal shares. 

This can be in love, or at work – your strong but sincere stance can win others
over.  Yes, even long-time rivals.  Passion takes you on a journey you may not expect – towards a destination linking the past to the future. 

It’s the way you include little people in big plans that warms hearts.

DESTINY DAYS  Get your best bargaining head-on, on Tuesday. Check “W”
paperwork on Thursday and say what you really feel in a chat on

LUCKY LINKS  Numbers that end in “2”, the most recent name to join a
message group, the place you remember having your first holiday.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Your rune is SIEGEL, a rune of the sun. This is a strong
symbol of all-around success.

But first, you must focus on your own wellbeing.  A celebrity book, blog or just life story can inspire you to take a new path in fitness, diet or relaxation that turns out to be a perfect fit.   

As self-belief grows, so does your certainty about the love you deserve.  Dressing in sunshine colours and spending as much time as you can outside, are also excellent Taurus mood-enhancers.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

As soon as you start thinking like a winner,  you can feel something inside shift – that’s your moon pathway lesson of the week.   

So shut down negative thoughts, and step away from doubting voices.  Your own dreams are all you need right now.   

Fitness plans get a jolt from so-so to sensational, thanks to Mars.  Love is changing, and this is so good for you.

DESTINY DAYS  Take the next step in a home decision on Monday.  Designate Wednesday for a desktop or email declutter.  Check out a “D” holiday offer on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS  Music that features a long guitar solo. The friend with the most remote address.  A building with brightly painted windows.

RUNE REVELATIONS  If you have been feeling you need a different kind of life, your rune NAUTHIZ shows you already have all the tools you need to make this happen.

But you do need to use them.  First, be honest about what, or who, is holding you back –  and yes,  this may be yourself. 

Next, take a step back, and apply logic instead of emotion.  Then a solution will show itself.  Lastly, follow a path you choose for yourself, not to please, appease or impress anyone else.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

When you need to be braver, or maybe just think bigger, Mars is right there, raring to go. 

And you can surprise yourself with how quickly you jump into a new set
of shoes.

Or speak from the heart, instead of letting your sensitive mind hold the truth back. 

Love-wise, your chart this week is partnership central – making up, making out and making special plans, together.

DESTINY DAYS  “T” days are ideal for being honest rather than kind. 
Step through a cash barrier on Friday.  Wait and watch on Sunday – don’t
rush a decision.

LUCKY LINKS  A series of eight numbers.  Names with an unusual spelling.
News from a faraway family.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Your rune, JERA, is the rune of harvest, and a strong
symbol of reaping rewards from efforts, or emotional input.   

If you’re in love, then when you stop trying to keep love the same, day in day
out, and accept that changes can be a natural and healthy part of caring, then you can make some key choices together that secure a shared future. 

If you’re single, then choosing to be less choosy in love opens your heart, and life, to someone unusual, even unlikely, who can be a perfect fit.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

Two fire-based planets send scorching ideas and influences through your chart.  And you are ready to restructure your home life in some dramatic ways.   

The starring roles are shifting, and you can step into the spotlight. 

Skills you have always sensed you may have are ready to break through at
work, too.  And your love profile is prepared to ask for more.

DESTINY DAYS   Confidence rises on Monday – have faith in your ideas. Choose fantasy over reality on Wednesday.  Add your name to a travel list on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  Commentary on the sport.  A vehicle with darkened windows.  A
workmate who shares your best friend’s initial.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Prizes and secret passion can be linked, according to
your rune, PEORTH.

If you’re in a relationship, then pooling energy and ideas to enter a contest or take on a fitness challenge together can reawaken a deep love between you, and remind you how much you love to laugh and talk together. 

If you’re single, then teaming up with someone you see often — maybe every day — but don’t know that well, to take part in a light-hearted question session, can turn liking to love.   

This gambling rune finds you breaking rules and taking risks right through
your life.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

You don’t mince words this week but get right to the point.  This is a work plus, but so positive at home, too.  As a deadlock ends and a delicate agreement comes closer.

So if you’re tempted to be kind, stick with being clear instead. Calculator planet Mercury helps you gather funds or information, together so a fantasy house move starts to feel real.

DESTINY DAYS  Get ready to go a bit wilder on Wednesday – set yourself
free physically.  Answer an official question on Thursday.  Save up special love words for Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS  The smell of fresh-brewed coffee.  Paperwork in a yellow
plastic folder.  A logo that includes a flame.

RUNE REVELATIONS  The rune GEYFU shows a unique emotional gift heading
your way. 

You should think very carefully about how you respond.  If you’re with a partner, this gift can be jewellery, a paper document, or simply promises that reveal how strong feelings for you are. 

You should only accept this if you feel equally strongly – maybe even more so – in

One-way gifts won’t work for you right now.  Single?  Being offered something free, from a sample to a ticket to some advice or help, can be the start of something special. 

So only accept if you’re ready for deep, lasting love.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

The moon and Mars make a chalk and cheese team in your creative zone – this encourages you to experiment with colours, styles and projects.  And you can feel
something deep inside unlocking. 

A couple who have delayed a decision several times are ready to agree.  If you’re single, love waits where building work is being done. Luck adds up to “65”.

DESTINY DAYS  Step up at home on Tuesday and stress-test loyalty levels. On Thursday, avoid issuing ultimatums.  Get involved in any words-based
contests on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A clock exactly one hour fast.   Blue stripes on a yellow background.  A work face in a family picture.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Family, property and legacy all connect together in your rune, ODAL. 

This can start as a surprise contact from someone who left a family some time ago and now seeks to return. 

And this can involve a share for you in a business or a bigger home.  There’s a deep restlessness in this rune that connects you to someone who moves around
a lot – if you are single, this can be a sudden, instant love bond. 

In your working world, you can use the same skills, but in a very different, more exciting, location.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

It may feel like a time-travel adventure when a face from the past appears on a current screen. 

And yes, if you have something to say, or do, do seize this moment.  But your chart is also focused on the here and now – and showing family and friends you are there for them means so much more than just saying it. 

Money and “M” can make a rich mix.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday can be your make it happen day at work.  On Tuesday, explain yourself properly at home. A date with a celebrity face can happen Friday.

LUCKY LINKS  A video shared by “F”.  Your name is called in a sexy accent. 
Numbers that start with “6”.

RUNE REVELATIONS   The positive energy and personal potential of fresh starts come to you this week via DAEGAZ, the rune of the dawn. 

This is a symbol of wiping your slate clean and starting to follow your own dreams, in your own way. 

Get ready to celebrate your skills, and set your own standards.  This may sometimes be a challenge, but it’s one you will respond to so well – and helps you show people who assume they know you inside out, just how deep and different you can be.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

Your sun and Mercury star team keep you on top of any power games, because you are thinking so fast this week, but also radiating goodwill. 

You can lead with confidence, and with charm.  This is what a potential partner will fall for, first. 

If you’re already in a  relationship, Venus values what’s different about two people as much as what they have in common.

DESTINY DAYS   Wednesday and Thursday are days to set differences aside
and work together as a team.  A dating face you can’t forget can
reappear on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A fitness teacher and a psychology student.  Food that
reminds you of family celebrations.

RUNE REVELATIONS  A lawyer can be a central player in your near future,
according to your rune, MANNAZ. 

This is the symbol of emotional and practical values being brought together – and this can be through a legal relationship arrangement, or perhaps a business deal. 

And people who think very alike, even though they may behave very differently, can make such a successful and rewarding team.   

This is also a rune of work progress – but you must be honest about your ambitions, and not adjust them to suit other people’s opinions or timetables. 

Someone with links to the law can be a perfect love match.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

Venus, the planet of looking good as well as feeling good,  is in your personal zodiac space – and you are ready to shine as your authentic self. 

So follow up those style ideas, maybe by getting professional advice.  Yes, the world is waiting.

Love can be on your own terms, and in your own time – so don’t let
yourself be rushed.  A location with a three-part name can be lucky.

DESTINY DAYS  Tuesday is your Time To talk day. Start a home plan again
on Thursday.  Put your party head-on, on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS  A woman wearing a lot of white.  The scent of cinnamon.  A
street of red front doors.

RUNE REVELATIONS The wish rune, WUNNA,  is the most positive sign of
dreams coming true and extra riches flowing into your life, in both
financial and emotional terms. 

A contest you regularly enter can carry a substantial win for you – but you also have the ability to turn personal talents into big business profits. 

You can feel like a winner in love terms, too, as extra security inspires extra freedom, and partners really feel valued. 

If you’re single, personal confidence is your most precious asset – and helps you approach someone you sense could be so special.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

Saturn brings you deep personal certainty this week, but do stop yourself sliding into a too-stubborn stance.

The least likely opportunities can yield the best results and be agile and adjustable
is the key. 

You have a great aptitude for both.   In love terms, you may dream of a special ceremony or a conversation – and suddenly find it coming true.

DESTINY DAYS  Celebrate yourself on Tuesday.  Be the best friend you can
be on Friday.  Say yes to last-minute weekend invitations.

LUCKY LINKS. A family recently increased by two.  A dance display in a
public place.  A book with a US landmark on the cover.

RUNE REVELATIONS  Excitement, new experiences and inspiration all warm your world, as the fire rune KENNAZ encourages you to get fitter – no excuses, no delays. 

Because this can help you to bring deep hidden talents and ambitions into the light, and this time you will be ready to take them as far as they can go. 

You can also add heat to your life by linking up with someone whose physical energy and enthusiasm you really admire. 

Yes, this can be a passion bond, but you can also double your success quota by linking your creative and competitive selves together.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

Talking to people, and about subjects, you would normally avoid, can be what opens up your chart this week. 

Your horizons are changing and the connections you make now can set a new standard for the future.   If you’re in love, silly fun games played together, can turn back time. 

If you’re single, a fantasy film or story fan can be a dream of a lover.

DESTINY DAYS   Be firm, but above all be fair, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ask for a new set of figures on Friday.  Support charity on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  An “S” national anthem.  Sport with male-female teams. A
bridge over railway lines.

RUNE REVELATIONS   Turn down the emotional heat of your heart, and
follow the cool logic of your mind – this is the message of ISA, the ice

If you are attached, try augmenting passion with a framework of mutual friendship and respect. Yes, this can include some time pursuing separate interests, or living or working apart.   

If you’re single, take the heat out of a love search for a while, and focus instead on
fulfilling a dream that means a lot to you.  Someone so special will be drawn towards this new busy, independent version of Pisces.  An “L” name is a clue.

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