We’re fake tan obsessed and our 60p trick means you’ll never have orange hands | The Sun

NOW that the sun has well and truly vanished and grey skies have taken over, if you want a tan you might have to fake it.

But there's just one problem anyone who has ever applied fake tan will already know all about – orange hands.

No matter how you apply your fake tan there always seems to be at least on spot that ends up looking so orange, which is hardly the look anyone is going for.

But fear not, self-confessed tanning obsessives Victoria and Jacqui, who are better known as the Houndrou twins shared their clever hack to banish the Oompa-Loompa hands for good.

They explained on their TikTok account that the secret to avoiding patch palms is something that's already in your kitchen cabinet and costs as little as 60p – toothpaste.

That's right, as well as keeping your teeth pearly white toothpaste can be used to stop your fake tan from looking too orange on your hands.

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But how do you incorporate toothpaste into your tanning routine?

The twins explained how to get flawlessly sun-kissed hands they start by applying their tan of choice in to their hands 'like moisturiser', making sure that the products covers their knuckles fully.

The twins apply the tan with their bare hands but if you wanted a more subtle tan you could always use less product or apply it with a tanning mitt.

Once your hands are covered in the tan just squirt some toothpaste onto a makeup brush and rub it into your palms.

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"As you can see it's already coming off there, then using a wet towel I just wipe it off and it should turn out really nice, also don't forget to wipe your nails as well," the twins explained in the clip.

The before and after picture was enough to convince viewers to give the cheap trick a whirl for themselves.

Although the tan looked dark after it was applied, once the twins washed the colour off it left a stunning bronzed look.

One viewer quipped: "I need this!"

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