What are jade vaginal eggs and what are the egg-shaped jade and quartz stones sold by Goop supposed to cure?

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What are Jade vaginal eggs?

A trend which has recently soared in popularity is jade eggs.

Just like their name suggests, they are egg-shaped objects made from the ornamental mineral.

The eggs are intended to be inserted into the vagina, and claim to have a host of benefits.

Various websites state the eggs have powers which range from helping with infertility to increasing natural lubrication.

They range in size and material, with some made from rose quartz and other materials.

Some are completely smooth but others have a hole in which to attach a piece of string or other device, over fears the egg could get lost after insertion.

There is no standard time limit for using the egg, and some women claimed they slept with theirs in.

In an interview with Goop, Shiva Rose said: “People definitely use them differently – for instance, some women sleep with the egg in, but some women feel too much energy from the egg for that long a stretch.”

The tradition is said to date back to ancient China, when queens and concubines used them.

Goop’s website said: “The strictly guarded secret of Chinese royalty in antiquity – queens and concubines used them to stay in shape for emperors – jade eggs were said to harness the power of energy work and crystal healing.”

What are the egg-shaped jade and quartz stones sold by Goop supposed to cure?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop, sells the eggs for $66 (£50.88) for a jade egg, and $55 (£42.41) for a rose quartz egg.

When they went on sale last year they sold out, with the website claiming:  “Jade egg’s power to cleanse and clear make them ideal for detox.”

And an article on the website, called ‘jade eggs for your yoni’, said: “Jade eggs can help cultivate sexual energy, clear chi pathways in the body, intensify femininity, and invigorate our life force.

“Jade also takes away negative energy – it’s a very heavy material, and in many traditions is thought to have great spiritual power.

A number of health experts raised fears over the use of jade eggs, and questioned the health claims they made.

Dr Jen Gunter, a gynaecologist, wrote an open letter to Gwyneth over the eggs.


She said: “The only thing your post got right is to check with your doctor before using one.

“So let me give you some free advice, don’t use vaginal jade eggs.”

And now Goop has been forced to pay a $145,000 (£111,800) fine due to the eggs and other products.

The settlement was over unscientific and unsubstantiated health claims made on the website.

Goop also agreed to refund anyone who had bought the eggs from January to August last year, following the lack of evidence over their health claims.

The eggs are still on sale on the website, but the wording has been updated.

Now they claim to “increase sexual energy and pleasure” and “connect the second chakra (the heart) and yoni for optimal self-love and well being.”

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