What locations from your favourite films look like in real life, including the Home Alone house

Accountant Steve Peterson, 37, from Florida, set out to track down the filming spots of iconic on-screen locations – including the mansion from Home Alone.

Documenting his discoveries, he uploaded side-by-side shots to his Instagram page, @Hollywood_irl, to show the spots years after the cameras stopped rolling.

Sadly, some of the locations, like the “box of chocolates” bench from Forrest Gump, have been removed or transformed, so look unrecognisable.

However, others look exactly as they do on camera.

To date, Steve has scouted over 70 filming locations and spends his time meticulously locating his next movie spot.

Steve admitted he’s had great fun tracking down the sights, travelling all over the States to find the home and buildings from his favourite films.

Speaking to the Sun Online, he said: “I've always been a huge movie nerd and I’ve been into photography for about 15 years now so this just seemed like a great way to merge my passions and a fun away to see the world.

"What really got me into it was a trip to Hawaii in 2014 for a Lost convention.

"I had originally just planned to see all the locations and take a quick snapshot but as we went a long I found myself subconsciously copying the angles from the show.

"Everyone enjoyed my comparison photos and I had a lot of fun tracking down/photographing each spot and it just became a thing I started doing on all my trips."

Steve admitted that most spots are easy to find but the odd one does prove to be a challenge.

He said: "There are a surprising number of websites that have exact addresses, or many times the movie doesn't change street signs or storefronts, making them easy to research.

"The bigger challenge is dealing with logistics. Production companies obviously are able to shut down and control the area.

"There have been many shots I was unable to get perfectly because the shot was taken from the middle of the road and there was too much traffic, or it's a popular spot and there are too many people in the way, or a lot of filming places are just private property I can't get on to."

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