What you see first in this optical illusion personality test reveals your secret weakness in choosing who to love

THE first thing you see in an optical illusion might reveal your biggest weakness when it comes to choosing who to love.

When it comes to finding love, everyone has weaknesses that they tend to overlook, hence the popular saying “love is blind.”

If one could recognize those blind spots when it comes to love, it might stop a lot of unnecessary heartbreak.

This optical illusion might have some answers to your love journey. The image, created by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak, has multiple hidden meanings the closer you look at it.


If you noticed the man’s face first, it’s possible your weakness in love is your emotional baggage.

Everyone carries some form of baggage from previous relationships or their own personal struggles. It’s very likely that previous heartbreak might make it hard for you to rush into a new relationship.

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However, if you don’t take risks in love, you might miss out on a love that could heal those wounds.

“You just need to move at a pace that feels safe for you, and a good partner, one worthy of your love, will totally understand that,” read the personality quiz.


If you saw the bird holding the branch first, your weakness might be that you need someone that you can take care of.

As a natural caregiver, nothing makes you feel better than taking action to make your partner’s life better.

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This is a great quality to have, but you should not let that passion allow you to fall for someone who doesn’t have their life together in any way.

You also shouldn’t limit yourself in choosing a partner as well.

“People with full, happy, adult lives also could benefit from your tender love and care, so don't sell yourself short," the personality quiz said.


If the mermaid caught your eye, it might mean that you believe the grass is always greener on the other side.

When choosing a significant other, you might think there will always be someone better just around the corner. 

You might be thinking the person you’re with is great, but how can you assure they’re the one you’re supposed to be with?

“You can't help yourself. You're an idealist in every single aspect of your life, and particularly when it comes to your life love,” read the quiz.

The quiz advises you to not let the world rid you of your confidence but be sure not to let your doubts scare you away from someone who could be just as special as you are.


Lastly, if you saw the shell holding the pearl first, you might be a bit materialistic when it comes to choosing a life partner.

“While you're not completely superficial, you do like the finer things,” the quiz said.

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You might have a casual fling with someone who isn’t as financially stable, but you’re less likely to make things official with them.

Having standards is a good thing but it may cloud your judgment, making it hard to have a meaningful connection with others.

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