When is National Stress Awareness Day and what is it about?

But what is it all about? Here's everything we know…

What is National Stress Awareness Day

Mental health charity Mind created the national day to raise awareness of stress.

They describe the day on their website as "a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our wellbeing".

The day is also to make sure those who are stressed know to seek advice and the right help.

Mind want to get people talking about stress and how it affects them.

When is it?

National Stress Awareness Day doesn't fall on the same date every year.

It is however, on the first Wednesday of every November.

This year it falls on November 7.

How do Mind suggest you join the conversation about stress?

Mind suggest that creating a stress awareness space at your workplace is a good idea.

They are asking that employers start the conversation at work, as it's typically the place associated with the most stress and tension.

This allows co-workers to share how they're feeling and can gain advice.

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