Wherein I Convince You to Spend $46 on a Single Detangling Product

I’m a blonde, so I am intimately familiar with the fact that bleaching sucks the life and moisture out of your hair and leaves it dry and brittle. But the most annoying thing about bleaching your hair, IMO? The constant tangles — sometimes, your hair gets knotted to the point that it’s impossible to get a brush through it. The only thing that saved me from ripping all my hair out this year was Leonor Greyl’s detangling and nourishing serum. The only downside? It costs $46. 

I won’t deny it: Spending $46 on a single detangling spray is the truest definition of a splurge — especially because the bottle is only 2.5 oz — but it’s one of the only products that I can count on for detangling the mass of knots that inevitably form at the nape of my neck after a shower. After going blonde, conditioner alone just doesn’t seem to cut it. 

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It’s made with silk proteins and oils to create a slip in your hair, making the knot easier to unravel with a brush or a comb. Those ingredients also add nourishment, strength, and moisture to the hair, making it less likely to tangle in the future. Another amazing added bonus if your good hair days are regularly ruined due to humidity? These oils make the hair smoother and prevent frizz and flyaways. 

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It’s solved one of my biggest hair problems — and it’s only added maybe 10 more seconds to my routine. To use it, all you have to do is work a dime-size amount (or two pumps) through the lengths of damp hair, and then blow-dry or air-dry as usual. If you want a huge hair transformation, I recommend using it before blow-drying. That’s when my hair looks significantly smoother and shinier. 

Shelling out nearly $50 for a product that’s practically travel-sized seems crazy, and maybe it is. But if it means less damage and actually being able to brush my hair out without tears welling up in my eyes, I’m 100 percent down for the investment. Oh, and the good hair day. 

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