Who is Sahar Tabar and what did the Angelina Jolie 'lookalike' fan look like before and after surgery?

But how much surgery has Sahar Tabar had, and does she REALLY look like she does in her pics? This is what we know…

Who is Sahar Tabar?

Sahar is an Iranian teenager – who is said to have gone under the knife 50 times in just a few months.

The 19-year-old, who was born in February 1998, reportedly went on a strict diet, to get her weight down to 40kg.

She has thousands of followers on Instagram page @sahartabar_official where she shares pictures of her transformation.

Sahar, who lives in Tehran, has been compared to Angelina Jolie, but has been branded a "zombie" and "corpse bride" by her followers.

What did she look like before surgery?

Before going under the knife, Sahar was a normal looking girl.

She had brown eyes and cropped brown hair.

Now she wears grey blue contact lenses, and appears to have had lip fillers and a nose job.

While her cheeks look more sunken, and she has two piercings on them.

Last month, the Iranian Angelia Jolie fan shared a “before and after” image on Instagram to showcase her make-up skills.

One of her photos, uploaded last month, shows another before-and-after.

She captioned the post, which has received more than 5,000 likes and 1,000 comments, ‘yes I’m Angelina Jolie’.


Response has been mixed, with one person saying: “You are not Angelina you are a scary ghost.”

One person said: “She's really crazy.”

But others weren’t so easily fooled, with a third person commenting: “It's all makeup and prosthetics and some digital altering.

“She really looks like the left photo. Don't be silly.

“She's an artist, having fun and playing around. I support it.”

And this person replied: “She IS like the left pic, this is just make up and photoshop.”

Lately she has been posing in her signature “corpse bride” get-up, she even uses the hashtag #corpsebride.

And she has even posted drawing and videos of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, saying “it’s me”.

Is Sahar Tabar's look real?

Some people aren't convinced that the social media star has really taken surgery to such extreme lengths.

Her nose and cheekbones appear to be in different places in several snaps, while her lips appear to be different sizes.

This suggests her look has been created with the help of prosthetics and clever make-up, although it could also be a combination of the three.

And now people reckon she's used Photoshop to edit her shocking pics.

In the above shot, Sahar is lying on furniture which appears warped – suggesting it has been edited online.

Sahar reportedly spoke to Russian media outlet Sputnik last year, revealing: "This is Photoshop and makeup.


"Every time I publish a photo, I paint my face in an increasingly funny way.

"It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art.

She seemed to confirm what her real face looks like with some more natural looking snaps too.

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