Why has Meghan Markle snubbed this gift from Harry? Royal ditched for this reason

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry dated for around two years before they tied in May 2018. While their relationship was in it’s early stages, Meghan wore a few pieces of jewellery which appeared to be gifts from Harry. Shortly after they began dating, she was seen wearing a gold necklace with the letter ‘H’ and ‘M’ on it and the couple wore matching beaded bracelets. However, she has traded these looks for more lavish pieces since entering the family and there is a particular reason why her style is so different.

Meghan’s jewellery choices have become more expensive and extravagant.

Ben Johnson

Meghan’s jewellery style has changed in the years since she began dating the Duke of Sussex, Ben Johnson, MD at Miltons Diamonds, explained.

He told Express.co.uk: “The jewellery choices made by the Duchess of Sussex has developed in a similar vein to her relationship with Prince Harry.

“When Meghan and Harry’s relationship first blossomed, the Duchess of Sussex jewellery choices reflected these early stages: simple and sentimental tokens, such as the beaded bracelet exchanged between the two lovers at the start.

“It was also a sign that although the couple were not together, separated geographically by their work commitments, they maintained a connection via their jewellery.

“This was evident in the Duchess wearing the simple H and M necklace too, designed by Canadian jewellers, Right Hand Gal.”

Meghan seemed to favour sentimental pieces of jewellery and wore those given to her by Prince Harry, including the initial necklace which can be seen here. 

However her style soon changed after they married and she opted for more plush items.

“Post marriage and after the birth of the couple’s first child together, Meghan’s jewellery choices have become more expensive and extravagant,” Ben said.

“This is partially due to her status as a member of the Royal family and the security that comes with this position.

“It has also meant jewellery gifted from the Royal collection, particularly the special sentimental pieces given to her by Harry from his late mother’s collection.”

However, Meghan recently made a nod to her early style by wearing an initial necklace similar to the ‘H’ and ‘M’ one she wore.

Ben told Express.co.uk: “This doesn’t mean that Meghan has changed her personal style away from the UK that much though, as she was spotted wearing an engraved gold necklace at the American Open.

“This was another sentimental initialled piece, slightly more substantial than the aforementioned piece, with an A for Archie and a H engraved onto separate pendants.

“A stark reminder that although Meghan is away from the two most important men, they are very much a part of her. So much so that she now represents the UK, as a Royal, when visiting America.”

Meghan and Harry had their first child together, Archie Harrison, four months, on 6 May 2019.

When she was spotted out after the birth, royal fans noticed Meghan wearing a third ring on her wedding finger which is thought to be a meaningful gift from Prince Harry. 

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