Wilko’s make-up range starts from £1 and includes colour-changing unicorn and mermaid lipstick

But Wilko is creeping up as a contender with their own make-up range, Essence, where prices start at just £1.

With their entire 400-plus range all costing under a tenner – the most expensive items being an eye and lip palette costing £10 each – you can go all out without breaking the bank.

The store describes its brand as: “Beautify yourself and indulge in a bit of 'me time' with our range of Essence makeup.

“Exclusively sold by wilko, this extensive makeup range includes the whole beauty kit.”

Not just your average make-up, but the unsuspecting high street store has lust-worthy pieces such as the Kiss The Unicorn lipstick – which changes colour.

Essence Colour Changing Kiss The Unicorn Lipstick, £2 – buy now

Mimicking the technology behind a mood ring, the shade reacts to your skin’s PH to change from purple to soft pink.

If that’s not your colour, the also have the Kiss The Mermaid shade, which changes from blue to soft pink.

Another one for the lips, the store sells a range of holographic lip shines, which creates a “light-reflecting holographic effect” which can be worn over your normal shade.

Coming in a range of colours, in red, purple and green, there's one to match any outfit.

The glittery theme continues with the rainbow nail polish and loose glitter – available in 15 different colours.

And a glow-in-the-dark top coat, which you can paint over any shade, adds an extra pop when the sun goes down.

Not forgetting the basics, Essence eyeliner is the cheapest in the range at £1, and comes in a variety of bright shades such as Feel the Eclipse and Feel the Mari Time.

Essence Colour Changing Kiss The Mermaid Lipstick, 2 – buy now


Essence Holo Wow Dewy Lip Shine, £2.80 – buy now


Essence Glow In The Dark Top Coat Girl On The Moon, £2 – buy now 

Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish Holo Fever £2.80 – buy now

Essence Kajal Pencil Fell The Mari Time, £1 – buy now

Essence Get Your Glitter On! Loose Glitter, £3 – buy now

Essence Glow To Go Illuminating Setting Spray, £3.30 – buy now

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