Woman asked her followers to Photoshop her 'beautiful' and was shocked by the results

Some people even removed a birthmark from her shoulder.

Lyndi Cohen carried out the social experiment on her Instagram page.

In an interview with the Mail Online she revealed she asked strangers to make her look both more healthy and beautiful.

She said: "They created an image of what they thought was beautiful and healthy. And the result worries me.

She said: "I asked a bunch of strangers to Photoshop images of me. And without me asking, they all made me slimmer.

"Seeing the before and after photos side by side, you can see how much has been changed.

"Ah, perspective. Problem is – in real life – you only ever see the ‘after’ photos.

"And it’s easy to forget that almost EVERY photo you see in the media is Photoshopped.

"This conditions you to believe you’re never good, pretty or thin enough – so you literally waste your life lying in bed feeling guilty for eating more than you wanted and hating yourself on holidays because you can’t stand how you look in photos.

"We have to stop chasing a goal that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST."

She added: "Question: What if you saw more normal, healthy bodies like mine in magazines or on TV or on social media?

"Would you find it easier to accept your body as it is? I definitely would.

"Here’s to making the world a better place so that the next generation can spend less time obsessing about food and yo-yo dieting and spend more time being truly healthy and happy within themselves."

People celebrated her message.

jodialexandralee wrote: "You are GOALS! So beautiful and inspiring xxxxx."

healthier.me.and.happy added: "Very interesting! It is a great idea. Wish all pictures all there were natural ones."

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