Woman gets her stained mattress spotless using denture tablets and cleaning fanatics are desperate to give it a go

MATTRESS stains are inevitable no matter how hard you try and maintain a crisp, white surface – with sweat, body oils and urine leaving behind troublesome marks while we sleep.

But one woman claims she's found the perfect way to remove the stubborn stains using denture tablets – which prove more effective than actual cleaning sprays.

The Aussie woman shared snaps of her mattress online before and after the deep clean.

Her mattress appeared to be completely covered in brown and yellow blotches but she managed to get it completely clean using the unlikely product.

Sharing with members of the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, the woman wrote: "So thanks to this group, I bought some Polident denture tablets, mixed with water and sprayed on my mattress stains…. and voila! Stoked!"

And later revealed that she used two tablets in about 250ml water,sprayed heavily on the marks and used a fan to dry it.

  • Similar denture cleaning tablets are as little as £1.50 from Boots – buy here

She also added that she'd repeated the processa few times on super stubborn spots and put the mattress in sun a few hours to completely dry it

The miracle product is the Polident 3 Minute Triple Mint Antibacterial Denture Cleanser, and while this exact one isn't available in UK stores, you can bag a similar item from Boots fro as little as £1.50.

With such incredible results, it's not surprising that other members of the group were completely blown away by the clever cleaning hack with many eager to try it outthemselves.

"Omg I’m so excited to try this," one person gushed.

And another excitedly shared: "Oh thank you I’ll buy some for my mattress."

While a third said: "Sweet! I'll be giving this ago for sure. Thank you for sharing."

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