Woman jealous of her brother’s marriage sets up Bumble profile to find a ‘homewrecker’ to convince his wife to cheat

A WOMAN who is jealous of her brother’s “amazing” marriage has set up a Bumble profile to find a “homewrecker” to convince her sister-in-law to cheat.

On her dating profile, the woman has posted a snap of her brother and his wife alongside a description of exactly what she’s looking for.

She writes: “Serious replies only…

“My brother and his dumbass wife in the pics, they have this amazing marriage and can lord it over everyone.

“But I’m looking for a guy to step in and f***ing wreck it by getting my SIL to cheat.

“Tell me in your first message why you’ll be a good home wrecker for this.”

Her profile has since been shared on Reddit where users have branded the jealous woman “trashy.”

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Imagine being this triggered by someone else's happiness.”

“Someone is jealllllousssss,” agreed another, while a third added, “OR…here’s a crazy thought..maybe use that energy to meet someone yourself.”

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