Woman left with pus-filled blisters and eyes swollen shut after brow micro-blading went horribly wrong

But one woman in America has shared some horrifying photos that have exposed the real dangers of this invasive beauty treatment.

Wishing to remain unnamed for fear of being recognised, the woman from Detroit claims she got the £515 treatment for £185 as part of a savings deal.

In the days after the treatment, the woman told local news Click On Detroit that she noticed a “few little lumps” around her brows and immediately sought medical attention.

While she was initially given antibiotics and steroids for cellulitis – a serious bacterial skin infection – her condition only worsened and she ended up back in the emergency room where she was put on an IV.

Kept under the close watch of doctors for a three-day stint in hospital, the woman’s now-blistered brows also caused her eyes to swell shut.

While the patient is expected to make a full recovery, it is currently unclear what caused the life-threatening infection.

Dermatologist Dr Stephen Grekin told local news that although there are a lot of variables in this particular case, the horrific results were most likely an allergic reaction to the ink used or a product they used to prep the skin.

What is Microblading?

  • The cosmetic prodecure tattoos the brows with pigment
  • Microblading make brows look naturally fuller
  • The scapel device has 12 needles that implant product under the skin to mimic the look of hair
  • A single session typically costs around £250 in the UK

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