Woman reveals how to avoid makeup stains from your clothes – and all you’ll need is a face cloth

WE all know the struggle is real when you do your makeup first before getting dressed while getting ready for a big night out. 

Trying to pull a top over your head without ruining your makeup, or getting stains on the top can sometimes be the make or break of an entire outfit for that night. 

But it still continues to be the best order in getting ready because you don’t want to get excess powder on your outfit either. 

This has caused many dilemmas across the nation when it comes to getting ready. 

However, one savvy woman is here to save the day.

She has recently shared a tip – and it’s a total game changer for next time you’re getting ready. 


All you need is a face cloth, or a square piece of fabric that you don’t mind getting marks on. 

Then after completing your makeup look, put the cloth on the top of your head and make sure the fabric covers the top of your forehead. 

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You then carefully pull your top over your head being sure to keep the fabric in place on top of your head the whole time. 

And once the neckline of the top has come over your face, you then simply remove the fabric from your head. 

Hopefully, it should be a little flick of the hair to get it back into place – then you're ready.

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