Woman shares genius hack to make batteries fit into a bigger slot & it’s a lifesaver when you’ve run out

DO you ever find that sometimes you never have the right size batteries you need?

One savvy mum shared her genius hack on TikTok which can save you a trip to the shops to buy more batteries.

Lindsay Roggenbuck explains that if you need to replace an AA battery but you only have AAA batteries – you don’t need to hurry out and buy more straight away.

She says that a temporary hack you can use as a solution is to use tin foil.

Lindsay said: “Just roll up some tin foil and put it where the battery’s negative terminal connects.

“And as long as you have enough to fill in the gap, your device should still turn on.”

People flooded into the comments to praise Lindsay for her clever trick.

One user wrote: “The battery trick is mind blowing!”

Another said: “That battery hack is priceless. Thank you.”

The video has been viewed over 280,900 times and amassed over 43,300 likes.

However, some people expressed concerns that the hack may pose a fire risk.

Experts assure that this would be very low risk because of the low current in the batteries.

An expert from the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange said on the topic: “No safety risks and some cheap batteries are slightly undersized, so a foil shim is suitable for low currents.

“It may oxidize and need to be adjusted once. No dry cells are safe from leakage after being used for a long time.”

Whilst this may be a nifty hack, it should be only used as a short-term solution and we always recommend buying appropriate batteries when you can.

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