Woman shows how to remove baked on food from your microwave in seconds with zero scrubbing

REMOVING crusted on food and grime from your microwave can be a challenge at the best of times.

But a woman on TikTok has shared a genius way to get it super fresh and clean- and it involves no scrubbing whatsoever.

Aussie mum Mama Mila demonstrated the hack on her page which has now been views over 43k times, with many loving the simple method.

She starts but adding a spoonful of washing up liquid into a jug of water before popping it into the microwave for four minutes.

The cleaning guru does note however that every microwave has a different wattage. soyou may need to adjust time accordingly to suit yours.

Before opening the door to remove the jug, she says to leave it to sit for an additional four minutes.

You can always pop the jug in the microwave and return roughly ten minutes later so that you don't even have to wait around for it to be done.

Once you open the door you're then able to wipe over the entire microwave with ease removing all the built up dirt and grime.

It's so easy that Mama Mila says you can "watch the grime slide right off" and you don't even have scrub anything or use additional cleaning products.

Explaining how it works, the mum says that the steam softens all the stubborn, baked on food which makes it super easy to wipe clean.

Quick to try the cleaver hack, one bloke commented: "Worked perfectly," and another said, "wow thank you!!"

Another TikTok user, clearly a fan of eh hack, said: "Ok loving all these cleaning tips."

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