Woman turns her grotty patio into a suntrap for just £11 using spray paint & wants a topcoat to protect her work of art

A CRAFTY woman created an incredible patio design on her ‘suntrap’ – and she’s so impressed with her work of art she signed it. 

With Brits basking in glorious weather, one woman decided to revamp her garden which is lucky enough to get the sun.

She shared snaps of the space before the makeover, revealing a slab of grey concrete which had weeds growing in between the cracks. 

To transform the cosy space, she used a tin of white masonry paint she already had and picked up two cans of blue spray paint for £11. 

She used masking tape to achieve a clean lines when painting, and made her own stencil out of acetate and cardboard. 

After three days, her patio looks completely different and she’s so impressed with her ‘work of art’ she signed it. 

The only thing left is to get a top coat to seal and protect her beautiful design. 

She shared her makeover to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it’s been liked thousands of times. 

She wrote: “Suntrap/patio transformation!

“Three days of work but couldn't be happier with the transformation.

“Only cost about £11 for the two cans of blue spray paint as we had everything else (white masonry paint, acetate to make the stencil, my creativity) our suntrap has been turned into a work of art.

“I did all of the work myself (my boyfriend helped with the spray paint to keep it straight) he even had me sign it.

“We are planning on buying a clear top coat to protect it as we love it so much!!”

Hundreds of people have commented on her transformation, in awe of her DIY skills. 

One person said: “Looks amazing, well worth the effort you put in… well done you.”

Another wrote: “I love it and so time consuming, you have a lot of patience. So worth it though, well done.”

A third said: “Wow how creative and it looks gorgeous.”

While this person thought: “Well worth the effort.”

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