Woman with severe eczema claims £28 Eco Tan products cleared her skin

Eco Tan shared an Instagram photo of the woman's legs before and after using their coconut body milk and pink Himalayan salt scrub this week – and the results are remarkable.

In the first snap, painful-looking dry marks are visible across the woman's skin. Amazingly, they're almost completely gone in the next image.

The picture had been re-posted from her Instagram page, where she'd written the caption: "Before and after eczema vs change in diet and the use of your AMAZING AMAZING! coconut body milk and salt scrub!

"The salt scrub burned like crazy, as you would expect! It's like going to the beach! The salt cleaned and HEALED the wounds, and the coconut milk, while it wasn't very moisturising due to the fact that my skin was like sand paper, it really nourished my skin and make it look so healthy after just one day!

"I can now wear shorts in public for the first time in like… years."

  • Eco Tan pink Himalayan salt scrub, £28.92 from Glow Organic – buy now
  • Eco Tan coconut body milk, £28.09 from Glow Organic – buy now

She added: "While my diet helped with whatever was going on in my body, your products healed my skin and even when I go off track with my diet, I am able to keep my nice skin in order!

"I can't live without your products, please never discontinue!"

The scrub contains macadamia seed oil and shea butter, and claims to be a "revolutionary dry scrub" that "reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, acne, cellulite, eczema and psoriasis".

The body milk is said to work especially well on those with "problematic skin such as eczema and psoriasis".

They both cost less than £30, and are available to buy online.

And she isn't the only one who's been singing Eco Tan's praises.

The brand often shares positive reviews on its page, including those from people dealing with burns, rosacea, scarring and acne.

As well as the scrub and body milk, people have also credited their Glory Oil for transforming their skin.

  • Eco Tan Glory Oil, £39.95 from Glow Organic – buy now

According to the product's description, the oil is designed to "reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and pigmentation".

It's made with an organic blend of super seed oils, including inca inchi, acai and pumpkin seed.

At £39.95, it's not exactly the cheapest of products – but judging by the reviews, it may be worth splashing out on.

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