Woman’s kind delivery driver pays for her lunch after she tells him she’s having a bad day

SOMETIMES it's the little things and small gestures that can really make a difference to your day and for one woman, she was left shocked when her delivery driver went out of his way to cheer her up.

When you're having a bad day, you don't care who knows it and TikTok user Julia (@dimarjulia) couldn't help but fill in her delivery driver on why she wasn't feeling so great.

In a video she shared online, Julia revealed that she accidentally blurted out that she was feeling pretty rubbish when a package was delivered to her door and she was overwhelmed when her delivery driver reached out to her.

He messaged her and said that he'd left some money in her mailbox for her to buy herself some lunch in the hope that it would make her feel better.

Describing their exchange as a "modern love story", Julia revealed: "I blurted to my delivery driver that I was having a bad day."

She then shared a screenshot of the text he sent her, which read: "Sorry to bother you it's the delivery driver, I'm not trying to hit on you or be awkward but lunch is on me today.

"I put your money in your mailbox, hopefully this is able to change your bad day and slowly turn it towards a good day! Enjoy and be safe."

Julia replied: "Hiii omg that was the nicest and sweetest thing ever. You really didn't have to do that, I'm still in shock lol, but I really appreciate it & it honestly made my whole week, not only my day.

"Thank you so much, I work at Nonnas the pizzeria on bell, lmk when you want lunch or dinner, the next one is on me (sic)."

Not wanting anything in return, the delivery driver replied: "I'm really happy to hear that, don't worry about lunch or dinner you don't owe me anything!

"I did it only to help even if it was just a little bit."

Julia – who bought a steak quesadilla with the money – then thanked the delivery driver again and asked him for his name and people were all for the interaction – encouraging her to ask the delivery driver out on a date.


Another said: "OMG y'all have to go on an actual date."

Loving the fact that the driver reached out, a third wrote: "This gives me faith in humanity."

One more added: "May god bless Thomas, we need more Thomas' in the world."

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