Women are MORE likely to want an open relationship because they 'crave sex variety', expert claims

THIS sexpert says women are more likely to want an open relationship as we "crave sexual variety" – and monogamy turns us off.

Society teaches us women desire monogamy whereas men want to play the field, but Nadia Bokody insists this "couldn't be more wrong" and says the common myth is causing "sex-starved relationships".

In an article for news.com.au, the Sydney-based writer says scores of studies support this.

One such paper, published in the British Medical Journal, found women are more than twice as likely as men to lose interest in sex after cohabiting with their partner for a year or longer.

More research, from 2012, found women’s sexual desire – not men’s – “was significantly and negatively predicted by relationship duration”.

And a seven-year longitudinal study of over 2,100 Finnish women also found those in long-term, live-in relationships reported the least interest in sex.

Nadia says: "Bizarrely, instead of recognising this biological fact, we’ve continued to push the narrative women simply don’t like sex very much.

"In reality, women not only like sex, but crave it just as much as – if not more than – men. Studies show we outperform the guys in terms of the amount of porn we watch, are the largest consumers of sex toys, and that men consistently underestimate how much sex we want.

"Most of my coupled-up female friends are convinced their libidos are broken, when they’re actually sexually bored."

She adds: "The consequence of failing to recognise what drives female desire has been an epidemic of sex-starved relationships.

"Research suggests up to 20 per cent of married couples are currently 'sexless' – which means they have had sex less than 10 times in the last year."

Nadia, who recently agreed both she and her partner could sleep with other women on a "purely sexual basis", says we've created a "positively miserable scenario" thanks to the "taboo" around open relationships.

She concludes: "What we need, is more of a flexible approach to relationships; one that recognises the fact the female libido is far more potent than we’ve been treating it."

Nadia encourages women to go out and see what Tinder has to offer, as long as your partner's on board.

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