Women reveal the biggest mistakes that men make in the bedroom including the infamous ‘head push’

WOMEN have revealed the biggest mistakes men make in the bedroom, from switching positions to the infamous ‘head push’. 

We’ve all had an awkward moment in-between the sheets, either due to inexperience, being a little too drunk or not being in sync with your partner. 

But after putting up with years of inadequate attempts from their lovers, women have shared a definitive list of mood killers – so men take note. 

A thread has one viral on Reddit, entitled: “Women of reddit, what are some of the biggest mistakes that men do during sex?”

It’s racked up more than 3,000 comments, as women spilled the beans over questionable bedroom antics. 

One woman wrote: “When they get super rough without communication first. I don't mind it too much but at the same time I like be prepared and know! 

“Also my boobs are attached to my chest why do they have to be mashed and nipples pinched to pain….no, just no. Mood is instantly killed for me.”

Another said: “The head push. We will go down on you when we are ready/willing.”

A third wrote: “When I tell them to keep going and I like it and they start to speed up or change their tempo. I liked it the way it was before.”

Someone else commented: “When you tell a man they're doing great , and they immediately either start going 20× faster or completely switch up what they are doing lol.”

Agreeing, this woman thought: “Switching positions a lot. I don't want to feel like a chicken getting grilled. One or two for sessions are perfect for me. No, it does not get boring.”

This person pointed out: “Unless you know she’s into it, slobbery wet kissing. Being drooled on like a dog is a huge turn off. Again, unless she’s into it.”

Someone else added: “Thinking that real women like what porn actresses pretend to like.”

This woman wondered: “Please please please don't forget I have boobs. Touch them at least. How does one lose the love of boobs??”

Another reckoned: “Mimicking what they see in porn, instead of following the signals their partner is giving them.”

While this woman explained: “Orgasm is not the goal. I want to play and have fun.

"It's probably not going to happen with you the first time or the first few times and I won't be disappointed if I don't.”

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