Women warned not to put their sex toys in the freezer during the heatwave – but sticking them in the fridge is fine

EXPERTS have warned women not to put their sex toys in the freezer during the heatwave – as they shared safe ways to cool down in between the sheets.

With the UK basking in sweltering temperatures, hitting 36c last week, it can make getting frisky a little uncomfortable if you feel as if you're overheating.

Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment for We-Vibe, told Fabulous Digital: "Heatwaves can often be overwhelming, meaning our sex life may take a hit.

"The idea of sex sounds nice, but also unbearably hot and sweaty. However, there are a number of ways to cool you both down as things start to heat up.

"Not only can the cool sensation of temperature play help keep you from overheating, but a lot of people enjoy spicing things up with this fun addition to their sex lives."

But if you're eyeing up a cooling treat on long, hot nights, avoid putting your sex toy in the deep freeze.

Keeping your toys in the freezer should be avoided

"Keeping your toys in the freezer should be avoided, as freezing glass toys for too long may cause them to break and condensation might ruin electronic toys," Johanna warned.

Instead, if you want to enjoy a cooling sensation, put your sex toys in the fridge – wrapped in something – or in some ice water.

This will safely chill your toy, but be careful to read the manual before submerging it, and check if there are batteries still inside first.

Johanna continued: "Placing your sex toys in the fridge can work. The best toys for this are made from glass or metal as they take on the temperatures surrounding them.

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"The quickest and most body-safe way of cooling your sex toys is by submerging them in water.

"Depending on how cold you’d prefer your toy, place some ice cubes in the water."

And she also shared her tips for couples looking to get frisky in the heat, without using a toy, advising: "If you’re not in the mood for a sex toy, try putting a towel in the fridge and placing it on the bed.

"Laying on a cold towel is an easy and effective way to cool down in the summer heat, without the need for toys."

Kate Moyle, sex and Relationship expert at Lelo, also warned you could end up damaging yourself if you put a sex toy in the freezer.

She told Fabulous Digital: "Always temperature check on your wrist before using a sex toy elsewhere on the body as a toy can be made too hot, or totally frozen and that could potentially cause damage, pain or discomfort.

"Particularly as the genitals are more sensitive parts of the body."

And for anyone wanting to add some colder elements into the bedroom, Kate advised: "Temperature can be the perfect way to mix things up and add different elements to sensual play, whether on your own with a partner.

"Incorporating ice cubes into kissing or oral sex can also add something different.

"Running an ice cube down the spine, or over nipples or down the neck can build anticipation."

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