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When you’re Jordyn Woods (BFF of Kylie Jenner, runway model, social media darling), a great fashion sense just comes naturally. Whether the Life of Kylie co-star is modeling in ad campaigns for the likes of Boohoo and Addition Elle or slaying in the hottest trends on her popular Instagram feed, Woods does everything with style.

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After having several successful collabs, the fashionista has finally embarked on her own fashion label, SECNDNTURE. The activewear brand has a cool street-to-gym aesthetic that is surely worthy of some space in your closet. Not only is the collection affordable (everything is $79 or under!), it’s size inclusive and runs up to size 2X.

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“When making this collection, a reasonable price point was very important for me”, says Woods. “I know money doesn’t come easy and I want people to be able to enjoy the product. I also want people to understand that they are getting exactly what they pay for because the quality is there. I personally hand picked the fabrics and our team has done many different tests to ensure quality. I [also] wanted to create a variety of different styles in an expanded size range so every one could feel like there was something in the collection for them.”

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This 24-piece collection delivers everything that you have been looking for and have not been able to find: cool silhouettes, modern twists, saturated colors… it’s minimalist yet innovative and we promise you’ll love every item. Pieces include biker shorts, cropped tops, detailed bras, bodysuits, and high-waisted leggings, all available in an amazing size range. “My style inspiration for the first collection was really me designing the things that I like to wear. I find myself pulling more inspiration from the past and for the next capsule I want to keep experimenting and bring new styles and fits”, says Woods.  

Scroll down to check out (and shop!) some of the fresh collection, the head to to view the full collection today.

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Filling in the gap

“I started with an activewear [collection] because I like doing things that are genuine to me and my brand,” the designer tells us. “At the end of last year, I went through a lot of emotional stress and trauma and my outlet was working out. Working out became my therapy. Through my new fitness kick, I realized there wasn’t a good variety of affordable, good quality, and size inclusive activewear brands and got inspired to make my own.” 

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Feel good in your clothes

“Growing up, I was a tomboy,” Woods says. “I didn’t like clothing very much and hated going to the mall. I knew that once I got there, there was not going to be any “cute” clothes I could fit [into]. It wasn’t until later in my teens that I started finding my confidence and began experimenting with clothing. Now, I know if I experience these things, there are many other people out there going through the same thing.”

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Simplify your workout gear

“If you like to waist train, then do we have the leggings for you!” Woods has created leggings and biker shorts with built in waist trainers in an assortment of fabric and colors. “I love my leggings with the built in waist band because I think it’s very innovative and I’ve never seen it done before,” Woods says.

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The fashion industry is evolving

The fashion industry is beginning to see more inclusive brands emerging. More “straight-sized” brands are venturing into the plus size market and watching the growth has been amazing. “I would like to see the fashion industry continue to keep pushing diversity and not be afraid of judgment. Fashion is endless, why limit it to one body type or gender,” Woods points out.

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Mix your separates

One of the many things that we love about this debut launch is that all of the looks are interchangeable and can create endless outfits options. While there may be 24 pieces in the collection, you can layer and mix-and-match to create a look all your own.

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Excitement for a hot brand

Who would Woods like to see in her collection? “I would love to see everyone rocking my clothes! It means the world to me how supportive people have already been,” she says.

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