World Sleep Day 2019 is TODAY! What is the national day devoted to snoozing all about and why is it on this day?

WORLD Sleep Day is an annual event aimed at raising awareness of how important sleep is and issues related to getting a good night’s kip.

Getting enough hours rest is important with various complications surrounding sleeping, such as insomnia and narcolepsy.

What is the national day devoted to snoozing all about?

The day is billed as a celebration of sleep, and a “call to action” on important issues surrounding dozing, such as medicine, education, driving and social aspects.

It emphasises the importance of healthy sleep, and this year the slogan is ‘Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life’.

It is the 11th annual World Sleep Day, and is hosted by the World Sleep Society, and founded by World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation (WSF).

It tries to educate people to recognise how important sleep is to our health.

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A lack of sleep can be harmful to your health, as well as leaving you groggy, lethargic and fatigued.

Getting enough sleep can help keep the pounds off, boosts immunity, helps prevent diabetes, boosts mental well-being, it wards off heart disease and even increases fertility.

The recommended hours recommended varies depending on how old you are, but the NHS says most people need around eight hours per night in order to function properly.

Why is it on March 15?

The annual day is held around the same time every year but the exact date changes from year to year.

It is held on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox each year, which falls on March 20 this year.

This is when the sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north.

Next year, World Sleep Day will fall on March 14.

Find out more on their website and get involved using the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.

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